Drilling Foundations

for a Concrete Future

We are available 24/7 and provide a complete range of concrete drilling services. 


Full Range Concrete Construction

Sterling Concrete Sawing and Drilling Ltd., serves as one of the trusted service providers of concrete construction services for foundations and walls, bases for machines and cranes, dock levelers, and more. We specialize in handling both residential and commercial projects. We pay attention to every detail of your project and get it done right. We are a trusted provider of a range of concrete services, including:

Wall Sawing

Wire Sawing

Core Drilling

Concrete Breaking

Concrete Removal


A Step Ahead

At Sterling Concrete Sawing and Drilling Ltd., we take pride in being one of the pioneers in North America to develop electric excavators. Electric excavators are perfect for hospitals, schools, supermarkets, shopping malls and food processing plants. If you have any questions about our concrete excavation services, call us today.