Concrete GPR Scanning/X-Ray


Find out first what’s under your concrete before you dig into it. Sterling Concrete Sawing and Drilling Ltd., can provide you with comprehensive concrete inspection services, including non-destructive testing with ground-penetrating radar scanning and X-ray services using in-house equipment and trained crew. Our technicians are experienced and the well-equipped in the field of structural inspection. We take pride in being one of the top choices in the field of structural inspection. Remember to always check before you dig or cut. Contact us for concrete GPR scanning and X-ray services in Toronto and surrounding areas.


Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) can be utilized to image both concrete slabs and walls. High-frequency radar signals are directed into the concrete. When reflected back to the device, the signals create a clear image in real time. From the image, we can also determine the thickness of the concrete and the exact spacing of concrete. The signals can penetrate up to 24” from one side. This can be combined to examine up to 48” thicknesses when access is given from both sides.

Our GPR 1750 ft-lbs helps you locate the positions of rebar, post-tensioned cables, conduits, and other near-surface objects to identify the safe places to drill.

GPR can accurately locate metallic and non-metallic reinforcements and pipes in and below concrete slabs. GPR can also detect flaws in concrete structures. We can scan for the absence of grout in concrete block walls and missing rebar. We can verify slab thickness and determine the depth of material cover on reinforcement.


We manage the entire X-ray process from beginning to end. We will be on site when our radiography crew arrives. We will analyze the results, provide you with reports, and we can take the next step to complete whatever work needs to be done. We always recommend you to scan before you dig or cut. Know what you are getting into to save time and expenses from unexpected damages.


Sterling Concrete Sawing and Drilling Ltd., uses Radio Detection Flux Scanning for the detection of live electrical conduits before cutting concrete. This is a safety measure to prevent any harm to our operators and a damage-prevention measure for the client.