Wall Sawing


At Sterling Concrete Sawing and Drilling Ltd., we specialize in using track-mounted diamond wall saws when precise cuts for openings in vertical and horizontal wall surfaces are required. Wall sawing leaves a smooth finish on the concrete walls and causes no harm to the remaining structure. Another added benefit of the wall sawing service is that it allows the quality of the structure to remain intact reducing the chances of incurring any extra costs. Using a diamond blade on a track-mounted system, diesel or electric wall sawing provides clean cuts up to 33.5” for:

  • Sectional sawing of brick or poured concrete walls prior to demolition or removal
  • Sectional sawing of precast concrete structural wall panels for demolition
  • Precision sawing of brick or concrete walls for door or window openings


This dustless and vibration-free sawing technique also has the ability of cutting round surfaces as well. Are you looking for concrete or brick precision sawing services in Toronto? Contact us today.